7 ways to use illustration in your webdesign


Illustration is not just a picture. It is supposed to create the mood and broadcast the spirit of your product. It can be the bright accent or the most significant element in your website — depends on your purposes. Let's look at some examples.


Website owners want to emphasize their link to graphic design, architecture and art using expressive geometric abstraction. Such a solution is goods if you are not aimed to focus on any speciphic sphere but need to create the mood.

Close to abstraction

If your product is not made of «pictures» but you want to make a friendly interface, use a simple geometric illustration. It is perceived as a set of colour accents, and the recognition of real world details makes serious topics easy to comprehend.


Another example of using geometric illustration. This method is frequently used in infograghic: simple linear drawings do not draw too much attention, but makes the text more comprehensive. 


Illustration as a part of identity

Used to create the «face» of the website, demonstrate a creative approach and a the way to combine the projects of the company different in its style.



Vivid illustration makes the mood of the whole style. In this example it demonstrates the atmosphere of the upcoming event. Professionally performed, it shows a serious approach and creditability.


Craziness and fun

Not everybody wants to be serious. These guys express their rebelliousness using deliberately curved drawings but precise and structures text.


Demonstration of the product through illustration

Illustration here takes the lead because website users seek for visual content of high quality here. Representative expression of your product may be better than the most distinguished text.