Website digest #3 — tasty landings


Landing page is a page that tells the user about the product and makes him buy it. In this post we will show you five landing pages that will make you want to follow a dog's instagram, move your website to the local domain zone, buy a wallet, use the service of a copywriter and join a meetup in Netherlands.

Charming character

Meet Birch, he is a poodle whose parents want the world to know about him.


Charismatic animation

A website that invites to join a creative meetup in Amsterdam. Well, it seems to be fun.

Demonstration of advantages

Super thin Bellroy wallet. Interactive demonstration makes you believe that it is really worthy.

Do it or you'll miss it!

Landing page for a domain zone .moscow that pushes you to make a desicion.


A website of copywriter Joe Coleman who shows the range of his abilities with humour.