Don't Miss the Moment

Advertisement for Korean Telecom
advertising, 2016


In August 2016 there was held an advertising contest Young Stars in Busan, South Korea. The competitors should have made an ad campaign in 36 hour. The client was Korean Telecom and the final work should have been a solution regarding the problem of smartphone addiction among youth.


According to the ethical business principles of KT, the company is devoted to corporate social responsibilities and puts the emphasis on environment, safety and respect for human rights. To back up this idea we suggested to launch a social advertising campaign regarding the problem of smartphone addiction amongteenagers. The aim of the campain was to draw teenager's attention to the problem of smartphone addiction.

We have made a series of posters that show well-known characters who stare at the phones in the key moment of their adventures instead of making a real action that would cause all interesting things that happened to them. The meaning is — while devoting time to the smartphone a person may lose many opportunities in the real world which can bring a lot of fun.


The work has gained «gold», and the team 11:58 has become the first Russian winner during all the time of the festival existence.


36 hours

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