Piss Off

Repellent against annoying people
branding, package, concept, 2016


Once upon a time we made up the list of imaginary products. From time to time make a design for one of them for fun's sake. This project is a joke — the task has been to make a repellent against annoying people.


It is the product from the imaginary segment so there are no analogues on the shop shelves. But we have analized the products close to the subject and have come to the conclusion that there are few black-and-white solutions, so it is a good way to stand out. We use colour marking though to make it easy to find the right item in the product line.

The characters were created for the advertisement — gossip snake, admirer octopus, twerp bulldog. They also appear in the logo which wraps up the bottles and makes the customer to turn it and give it a good look.


The solution has become viral.


60 hours

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